Success Story


His age is 59 years, he lives in Hamlet 2 of Ombo Village, people call him Mahfud. He lives with his wife Hapsah and his Son Taufik 18-years old. Pak Mahfud was one of the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami from 68,451 households whose houses were totally damaged after the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi.

The Inanta Foundation together with CWS as a government partner participated in the handling of Transitional Shelter (Huntara) in Donggala District. In phase 1, there were 108 units in three villages, namely Lende Tovea Village, Dampal Village and Ombo Village.

Mr. Mahfud is one of 35 households in Ombo Village, Donggala Regency who received transition shelter assistance from Inanta CWS. His gratitude is shown by always smiling when there is a visit from the Inanta facilitator in the location of the transitional shelter.

Mr. Mahfud’s Transitional Shelter in the stage of development

(Narrated by Moh. Saleh, Inanta Facilitator)