Australian Humanitarian Institution Forms Two Disaster Preparedness Villages in North Toraja

TRIBUNTORAJA.COM, RANTEPAO – The Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs (DFAT) of Austaralia appreciates the workings of handling natural disasters in North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi.

“We are working with BNPB and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs to pay special attention to the Toraja tourist area in South Sulawesi, and one of them is realized by the official formation of the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB),” DFAT Representative Henry Pirade told TribunToraja.Com, in loby. Misiliana Hotel, Kesu District, North Toraja, Friday in the night (5/19/2017) .

North Toraja Deputy Regent Yosia Rinto Sometimes inaugurates the management as well as the signing of the FPRB Joint Commitment with the North Toraja Regional Government and Regional People’s Representative Assembly before DFAT.

Two alert villages have also been formed namely Likulambe Village in Sa’dan Sub-district, and Pangkungbatu Village in Buntu Pepasan Sub-District.

“North Toraja as one of the regions in South Sulawesi which has a geographical situation different from other regions so that it has a natural state which at any time can be a threat that is very influential on the potential for natural disasters,” added Henry.

Henry also added that DFAT as a CWS donor and the Inanta foundation will continue the collaboration.

“There needs to be a joint awareness of the community in recognizing their environment, including natural conditions that can trigger disasters, even when disasters occur, it is hoped that the community can be prepared to survive, and can take emergency response measures,” Henry Pirade said.

This social institution from the Kangaroo State has a program to strengthen community capacity in the face of the threat of disaster called the Solidarity Program, and is in this forum.

FPRB targets all 111 villages in North Toraja to become disaster prepared villages in 2019.