North Toraja Regional Secretary Opens Disaster Management Consultation

RANTEPAO, – I Church World Service (CWS) in cooperation with the North Toraja Regency (Pemkab) is holding a Public Consultation Bupati Regulation (Perbup) Regarding North Toraja Disaster Management, at one restaurant, in Rantepao, Tuesday (11/14/2017).

The North Toraja CWS Program Officer, Rinto Lopang, when he was met after the Public Consultation said the guidelines with the role, task and function roles of each stakeholder involved were regulated in the disaster information system and the SOP of the Emergency Disaster Management Agency for the North Toraja Region

“This activity is a Solidarity carried out by CWS in collaboration with Local NGOs (Inanta Foundation) and funded by the Australian Embassy DFAT in Jakarta,” he said.

Rinto said, an effective disaster emergency response strengthening was carried out in Torut for 2 years with consideration of North Toraja including the Red Zone that is Prone to Landslides.

Meanwhile, the Public Consultation was opened by North Toraja Regional Secretary (Sekda) Roni Rede Bare. attended by participants consisting of Stocholder Disaster Management. The materials and question and answer session given by the participants were delivered by resource persons from CWS and the North Toraja Regional Disaster Management Agency.

Previously, in the workshop on developing SIB for the participants, a number of work plans had been agreed, and plans would be followed up. Firstly Identification of data sources needed in the development of SIB, Identification of leading sector DPOs as well as their respective main tasks and draft organizational concepts of training and management of SIB as well as preparation of SOPs and SIB procedures. (**)

Author: Saldi
Editor: Faisal Hamdan