Reaching the Remote Poor Community of Omu Village, Sigi Regency

Living in a refugee camp is not easy, various problems must be faced, especially clean water and cleanliness. The need for hygiens kits is a rare need in the early days of evacuation. The refugees only bathe with clean water and makeshift soap. Also shelter and kitchen equipment such as plates, cups, spoons, pans are limited equipment.

INANTA-JUH wants to respond and ensure that all disaster victims are entitled to receive assistance. This commitment is manifested in the needs assessment to remote areas of the village of Omu, Gumbasa, including the territory of Mrs Neli. Various needs were immediately responded through the distribution of Family Kits, Hygiens Kits and Terpaulin packages. Ms. Neli was very grateful to receive the help of the Hygiens Kits package from INANTA-JUH. This is because in the package, there is a package of Sanitary napkin (softex), which is also very much needed by most of the fertile women in the Family Shelter of Omu village. Sanitary napkin packages are very rarely received from the assistance of other institutions, even though this package is a basic need of women, when entering the fertile period (menstruation). For this concern, especially to the women’s group, Mrs. Neli and the refugees from Omu village thanked INANTA-JUH, and hoped to receive the same assistance some time in the future until the recovery period.