Three North Toraja Tourism Objects Installed with Weather Recording Devices

Rantepao, – The North Toraja Regency Government continues to improve in order to improve the facilities and comfort of its tourism objects.

One of the new breakthroughs made by the North Toraja Regent along with his Deputy was by installing three weather recording devices in several tourist attractions. Like in the Peak of Lolai, Ke’te Kesu and Batutumonga.

“We are indeed planning to install a weather recorder on that attraction. The aim is for tourists to be aware of the weather conditions in North Toraja at any time, “said the Regent of North TOraja, said Kalatiku Paembonan, in front of members of the North Toraja natural disaster prevention forum in his office on Wednesday (05/04).

While the Head of Pongtiku Station’s Climatology and Geophysics Climatology Agency, Agung Sudiono, promised to help the North Toraja Regency Government, “Weather conditions especially the peak of Lolai, don’t let tourists be disappointed when they don’t see clouds,” Agung Sudiono said.

The North Toraja natural disaster prevention and prevention forum has been formed with the initiation of CWS Indonesia and the Inanta foundation. “Just waiting for the Regent’s decree, then we will declare it,” said Inanta Foundation Coordinator, Melki Serdes.

Known, Ps. Pangallo, is believed to be the chairman of the Natural Disaster Prevention Forum in North Toraja. (*)