Tsunami in Palu and INANTA School Kit Assistance

Ridatul Jannah Maharani Putri (15 years), who is usually called Putri Vinot, is an orphan from the couple Vinot Kanna and Ningsih. Both of Putri Vinot’s parents are 2 of thousands of victims of the Palu earthquake, liquefaction and tsunami. When met by the INANTA-THE JOHANNITER Assessment team, Putri explained clearly how her parents became victims. On that day she still remembered, her father worked in a sand mining company on the coast of the Watusampu village, Palu City. While her mother in the house, which is also located on the coast of Palu city.
When the disaster happened, Father and Mother Putri Vinot was unable to save themselves from the ferocious tsunami. Both of her parents died and were found the next day. The house and all the assets were swept away by the tsunami. During the incident, Putri Vinot was at her family’s house while not being a victim of the tsunami.
Grief still appears on the face of Putri Vinot, but this did not dampen her enthusiasm to go to school and continue her education as a grade 3 student in Junior High School Seventeen Palu city. From the results of the INANTA-JUH school kits assessment, Putri Vinot was in dire need of educational equipment especially bags and books, because all of the educational equipment had been swept away by the tsunami. This wish was fulfilled in the school kit program, Putri Vinot received a package of school bags from INANTA-THE JOHANNITER. For this gift, Putri Vinot and other refugees at Pantoloan Main expressed their utmost gratitude. They are thankful for the care of INANTA and its partner THE JOHANNITER in supporting the improvement of the education of children affected by the Tsunami.